13 October 2008

minor prophets: obadiah

yesturday i started a sermon series on the minor prophets. i am doing them in chronological order (although the order is a highly disputed thing, i am going by the order set forth by chuck swindol in my study bible because i needed to set the order before starting my research. however, i have been learning alot about the various possibilities for when the books were written and find the historical and archealogical debate fascinating.. anyone want to discuss? didnt think so)

if you speak german, it was recorded, and i am more than happy to give you the mp3. otherwise, i will just post my outline in the comments again like last week.


At 14:14, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

I. minor prophets
-aramaic "tre asar"- 12
-from hosea to malachi
-"minor" not from importance, but length
-"prophet"- to spring up like a well

II. Jacob and Esau
-gen 25:19 (tell story)
-God's words
-inheritance for soup
-esau to edom
-jacob to judah

III. oldest of the
-written to edomites
-shortest OT, 21 verse
-dated probably 853-841bc
-some think 586bc

IV. obadiah person
-"servant/ worshipper of the Lord"
-probably edomite living in juda
-are 12 o. in OT, no evidence he is mentioned otherwise
-hebrew tradition says he is ahab's houseman 1 kings 18

V. edom
-related to yet enemies of isreal
-southeaast of dead sea
-controlled kings highway
-not let israelites pass through on way to promised land (num 20:14)
-cities in the rock
-petra most known
-no known religion

VI. time frame
-9thc BC
-eurpe in iron age
-homer wrote illiad and odessey
-king jehoram over juda
-jerusalem was attacked by the philistines and arabs (2ki 8:22, 2 chron 21)

VII. listen
-mp3 i made of audio bible set to hip hop beats

VIII. themes
-God will punish edom (esau, teman)
-romans 12:15
-God will save israel (jacob, jerusalem)
-rom 12:19

IX. pride
-prov 16:18
-edomites pride in
-their safety
-hidden treasure
-wise men
-military power
-against God and his people
-pride deceives and leads to sin
-indifferent, rejoicing in, indirect participation, participation

X. edom after
-fought saul, david, joab and soloman
-conquered by assyria and babalon
-5bc chased away by nabateansto south palestine
-called "idumeaner"
-herod was last well known, full circle to Jesus
-no records to them after 100ad, prophecy fulfilled

XI. conclusion
-mat 23:12

feel free to debate the topic!!! (or my next one: joel)


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