17 August 2008

brrthday and beyond

ja.. i made it to almost 30..
friday i had an open-house style party, starting at 4 and going till 11:30 at night, people were free to just stop in for as long as they liked. we had cake and coffee (ben und karo made my favorite american chocolate cake for me, according to my family recipe) and in the evening grilled.

now i am in stuttgart spending some quality time with a certain young man. while here i will be visiting several groups that do work similar to mine, and try to learn a bit from how they do things.


At 15:08, Blogger Alida said...

You grilled? girl, you need to remember your safrican vocab - BRAAI is the word!!

hope you had a great birthday

At 03:18, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

nah, this was no braai... ne braai is much better. there is chutney and salads and boerewust (ok, that i don't like).... this was just a bunch of meat cooked on a grill.. ;-)


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