21 July 2008

caught a stick

melly of the bremer jesus freaks tossed me this modern version of a chain letter:

4 Jobs that you've had
~ waitress beim tgi friday's
~ taught a course at beloit (theme: brecht und loriot a cross-comparisson of german culture through literature)
~ lehmbauerin in hessen
~ in the offenbar

4 Filme, you could watch over and over
oh no.. i really hate watcing films twice
~ tiny plaid ninjas (kurzfilme aus'm netz)
but in school... it was these
~ monty python and the quest for the holy grail
~ dazed and confused
~ tank girl

4 places you have been happy to live
of the many
~ 1. suzukibus somewhere in germany 2000-2001
~ 2. south africa (als land, aber nicht immer die umstaende) 2003
~ 3. beloit, wisconsin... but i never would have thought so at the time.
~ 4. bremen..somehow it's nice to behome and not just live here.

4 TV-shows you like to watch
erm. i don't watch much..
~ gilmore girls (its over)
~ firefly (also over, i had the dvd from kelly)
~ house
~ those renovation shows

4 places you have been on vacation
~ europe: check out last summer's trip log
~ africa: we went ostridge riding on the coast
~ usa: new york city with leigh's family
~ usa: rocky mountains skiing (as a kid)

4 Webseiten you visit daily
~ web.de (email)
~ bsag.de/bahn.de (travel schedules)
~ my blog feeds
~ jesus.de (my startpage)

4 favorite foods
~ tex-mex
~ cuban
~ ice cream
~ dark chocolate

4 places you wish you were right now
~ with andreas wherever
~ with andreas on vacation
~ mars (with andreas)
~ here on my red couch, but not alone, but rather....

4 wishes that could come true
~ get married
~ ride in a hot air balloon
~ deep sea diving (preferably in the caribik)
~ open up an arts cafe/living-room

4 Blogger you pass the stick to
~ kelly venechanos
~ tom goetze (please site my german blog as reference)
~ sibeletti
~ andreas (per email oder kommentar bitte)


At 23:26, Blogger Leigh said...

Glad to see the NYC trip makes the list! :) and the nights who say "NI!"
Miss you!


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