18 June 2008

mother cate?

no, i am not thinking about becoming a nun or getting pregnant...
but i am trying to get permission to be a foster-...erm.. hmm.. let's go with guardian for teenagers in emergency situations. some of you might recall the 17 year old punk girl i took in a few years ago, and those of you who know me very well might remember the 14 year old runaway i helped back in 1999. there have been a few others with lower levels of commitment on my part. but the idea has always been "someday, when i am older, instead of having my own kids, i'd like to take care of the kids out there with no family." this has been my idea of "family" life since i was young. i guess no one is startled now my commitment to the estranged..

so here i was, not thinking of doing this anytime soon... i mean hey, i am 28. who is going to make me some teenager's "mom"? anyway, last night a 13 year old boy came into the drug counseling center with a friend. the friend is older, and i had seen him a few times before. they were just there to eat. the boy had been kicked out of his home by his mother 5 weeks ago. he sleeps at friends when they can sneak him in, on the street the rest of the time. i got him some clean clothes from the basement.. but we don't have much that will fit a boy. and we piled him up with food supplies. and i offered to go with him to the child-services office, and gave him my address.

but really, is that all? it's a 13 year old kid. shy, scared, alone. if anyone is wondering why i didn't just take him in, well, it's illegal to harbor a minor. and, since i am not exactly german... too risky. but i did contact my senator (you remember, the friendly man who helps me with all grants film-related). maybe this is the greater good to staying involved with the immigrants film program past the point of it's usefulness to me.... it just so happens the same senator is in charge of youth!

sooooo.... i am trying to get permission to become an official state foster person for troubled youth in emergency situations. that means not being the "final destination" for these kids, but giving them a safe and structured place to go between the streets and the foster care unit that is found for them long term. (mom, don't freak out, i can handle this) so please pray that it will go through and i will be able to get involved in this way.


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