09 June 2008

kruemels guests, film and cafe news

friday i got home from cafe chance to the request of kruemel for two friends of hers from celle to stay at the house for the weekend. sure, why not? turned out it was two punks, christoph (who i know) and miri. they were unintrusive and brought along toilet paper, so we were glad to host them.

cafe chance is going well. friday we had guests from falkenberg, a therepy center in hessen by kassel. i also had a great conversation with a new guest. saturday was renovations day in the new half-way house that they bought. since they had no one to make food, and i find cooking more fun than weeding, i offered to make the meal. i made a great indian green curry (but germans just don't appreciate spicy..) for 10.

this past week also saw a meeting of the pbs team that i have been working for/with and the senator. he let me know that my newest film proposal has been excepted! so, again for this summer i will be working on a short film that will be broadcast. these aren't the type of films i most like to do, but at least the expenses are covered, allowing me to expand my equipement base.. things i need to make the films i want to make and won't be paid for.


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