18 July 2008

old red bike

so this post isn't really about the painting from jill barton... i didn't even know there was one until i needed a picture to spruce up this post. the bike she painted just happens to look alot like the one my roommate hannah intrusted to me while she is away for the summer. and after a week, i can definatly say, i feel enlightened. bikes are actually not just for little kids to play on at all- they are a great means of transportation! this week i have been enjoying the commute to church (25 minutes streetcar/ 7 minutes bike) and being able to go to the store to do my grocery shopping! i can even make it to walle center (mom and dad can appreciate that) with out overstraining my foot! i really need to get me one of these... oh, and did i mention it's fun?


At 12:51, Blogger Kelly said...

Bikes are so overrated.


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