06 July 2008

holidays bring house guests

last year, matze moved in on my birthday... this year it's enrico on the 4th of july. enrico is the kind of guy you run into everywhere and who knows pretty much every one. i first met him amongst the punks, then by the homeless... he really is everywhere. i posted a few months ago about him giving his life to christ.

things got bad for him... he was falsely accused of a crime and thrown into jail for a month until the actual criminal committed to the crime. in that time he lost his apartment. he was staying at the papaguay haus, a social housing for men, but despite being given a single room, he couldn't sleep- police and ambulances stopped in on average five times a night.

he has been hanging out at the house a lot for the past few weeks, talking and drinking coffee (that's ministry ;-) ) so i asked if he would like to stay here.


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