23 July 2008

baked conversation

this week the house hosted jenny, a 19 year old jesus freak who is currently moving away. she needed a bed and some good zucchini bread to help transition her from her own apartment back home to her parents. it's easy to fall into conversation while baking.. and as mary poppins would say, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down... (odd, my zucchini bread needs a cup and a half..i guess it's for the big stuff)

and dani, my friend from hessen who was also in south africa with me came to visit for the day! we haven't seen each other in a few years, and have only talked on the phone a few times. it's one of those strong friendships that was forged by God (really, against our wills) and (we strongly believe) with a purpose. she took me to lunch and then we came to the hope house. i baked us a cake and showed her the house, explained our vision. there is a lot going on in her life, sorta parallel to the things in mine. we talked (literally) all day without noticing the time go by. she'll be in this area more often in the future, so we will definatly be seeing aech other more (and maybe some of God's plans for us?).


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