07 October 2008

friends in need...

yesturday was a really krass day.

first, kelly (my best friend in high school) let me know that lilly (my best friend in bremen the past few years who married him and they moved to the wrong continent!! not my plan!!) was in the hospital.. she had really bad stomache pains and was throwing up. not good! so they did some tests and what not, and she was admitted.. it's not food poisening (as we'd hoped) and they don't know the cause. so please add her to your prayers. (and if you want the gory details and know them, call them..)

then, at 1 a.m. my phone rang.. karo (my best friend in bremen now that lilly ran away) and ben's (her husband) apartment was aparently broken into.. she had gotten up to use the loo and seen a man at the base of the stairs.. its a little unclear how that could be, but she was a bit scared and they didn't want to stay at home. so they (and ben's little sister) came and spent the night at the hope house. they were still shook up and couldn't sleep, so after i got their beds ready, we had a prayer session and then talked and looked at photos almost all night long. *yawn* they will probably stay here until its cleared up and they have changed the locks.

so what's up with that? are the rest of my friends all ok? leigh? kate? (andreas was fine) nothing happened yesturday, i hope..


At 10:22, Blogger Leigh said...

I am fine! Well catching a cold and stressed about work, but other than that life is good. Mom and dad are fine too. I am sorry to hear about Lilly--I will pray for her.

At 10:36, Anonymous kate said...

Hmm back on Oct 6 (date of post) I had something that needed to be checked out by a doctor, and I went the next day and found out it was nothing. Now, I'm coming out of grieving the hope I had for my relationship.


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