09 October 2008

week of bah

it started last wednesday night when my street groups meeting went bad. i recently took over leadership (we were a team, now it is just me) for it, which is ok.. but now the group is backing out of the concept. they don't really support the idea anymore of being an outreach centered bible study group for people from the streets. they want a more cuddly group to talk about their day in.

then friday i expected andreas for a visit... but he didn't come. he called at night to say he wasn't feeling well.

so then the stuff from my last post...and on wednesday karo flipped out for some reason, started yelling at the guys and locked herself in the basement. the rest of the day was highly intense and ended with parts of our house needing costly and tedious paint repairs.

so this afternoon they went back to their apartment. and moerssl went off to look after uli and kai's place while they are away, and matze went to his girlfriends, and hannah is still out of town... and i took this picture at about 1:30am. the brothel in front of my house had a not quite so peaceful visit from a rather inebriated man who alieved himself of several bodily fluids in grand style over most of their property, inside and out. there insued much commotion and the scrubbing away of blood. he was taken off in an ambulance still calling out over his tied-down shoulder "and the address of the girl? someone get me the ad...."there were at least three police cars and more than 8 cops. plus the ambulance team. the cops also hit a vw bus that was parked there. so.. a quiet night home alone.

there was so much drama this week that this report only begins to hit on it all... but if i were to tell more, people would stop believing it real and think i am talking about a soap opera...


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