10 November 2008

passport update

ok.. so the former guest whole stole my passport did not bring it back, as i had prayed. but as i have been learning this week at DTS chapel (i go every day on podcast) sometimes it isn't a bad thing when prayer isn't answered the way we wish. (still waiting to see how that applies to this trial)

so this morning i got up extremely early and headed over to the local police station. i filed an official report against enrico. partially because i am required to in order to get a new passport, and partially because i am so hurt by his abuse of my trust and hospitality. the police were nice enough.

then, i headed to the post office for a padded and stamped envelope, so the embassy can send me my passport. and then of course to the embassy itself.... in the world trade center. (and you thought it was gone.. nope just in bremen) the lady there was very VERY helpful. and very kind. she is sending the forms to berlin for me, so i might be able to spare the expense and time commitment of traveling there myself (which is what the official website says i should do). she even glued my too-small german-sized passport photos onto a white background, in hopes they will then be exceptable (and save me more money). also, she put a request for quicker processing, so that i will definatly be able to fly in december, even taking into account that i need to go to the foreign service office here first as well- and she didn't charge me double!! (the fee generally required to quicken things)

she also gave me some advice about getting a special copy of my birth certificate while in the states, since there are certain official ceremonies where it is required ;-) and she even offered starbursts. (they dont have them here). so i guess things are going as well as can be expected.

continue to pray that this all does work out.


At 06:31, Blogger Jonathan said...

we are praying for the passport process!

At 08:01, Blogger Leigh said...

I am praying too! I hope it all works out for the best!

At 12:20, Anonymous kate said...

starbursts! of course it will all work out. My theory has been that the service you receive (in this case applying for a p port) is always dependent on the individual you get to help you and it sounds like you got the best!


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