04 November 2008

jesus freaks germany

this weekend i was at the first official meeting of the jesus freaks germany. basically, we have been going through a konzil process for the past two years, and the structure of the movement has been changing significantly. since we are becoming more international, the german freaks have started a new leadership meeting several times a year to deal with germany-internal issues. this is in addition at to the willow freak leadership weekend in the spring that will remain international. so.. it was not exactly fun and games. especially since we are trying to reach all decisions by consensus instead of majority vote. the new open structure opens new possibilities for our movement. i am especially excited about the new website that will act as a network to exchange ideas and find cohorts.

i also finally got up the courage to talk to gerd and see if he needs any help coordinating things in the north region. regional work in the movement has been on my heart for a long time, and now i am officially part of it! basically what that means is support for freaks in places in this region without churches, help for groups starting out, and coordination for events and seminars. i am looking forward to it!

there were 70 freaks there, and a lot of them old friends. that made it cool, especially since i missed freakstock this year. especially cool was getting to talk to andreas kirsten (photo), who i have known almost ten years yet rarely see. also ilt and magdalen were there, two of my old prayer partners. and of course, there were still plenty of new people to meet.


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