17 November 2008

steiger missions/ karlsruhe

wednesday night sandro baggio from steiger sao paulo, brazil was in bremen speaking to the jesus freaks. i got into a really great conversation with him about ministry and challenges and the stuff that has been going on lately. he also works primarilly with the street people, so he could relate. he kept saying "well, you need to be with steiger." finally i said if he keeps it up, i just might follow them to the next city. at tat point, he called over his translator (who happens to be a full time staffer from karlsruhe) and said "this is cate, she needs to come with us."

so it turned out they were leaving the next day for the main german base, and had a spot for me in their car. they also thought there would be a bed available... (on the way down on the highway we found out otherwise). so i spent thursday and friday hanging out at their base, talking to students in their discipleship training school, and meeting with the staff. it felt comfortable.

they gave me some information to look over and explained their connections.. friends, partners and missionaries. i will definatly at least partner with them, which means there is a loose connection and they are available for advice. and i am looking into what it would mean to join their mission organization as a missionary. for that, they have invited me to spend two weeks at their base in january, getting to know them and vise versa.

so they didn't have a bed.. where did i stay, you might ask? :-D well, it just so happens that their base is a thirty minute tram ride from andreas family's house. so i stayed there on a very comfortable piece of dining room carpet (made my back hurt). but bed aside, it was really nice to see andreas and to spend a little more time with his family. they were a little surprised to see me, but very welcoming. his mom cooked saturday and sunday for us. on saturday night we went to a piano concert with his best friend in a beutiful old german style (renovated) barn. it's right around the corner from the old stone church he's a member of......... :-D

got back last night around 1am. and surprise! we have two new guests.


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