27 August 2006


in chemnitz i recieved two phone calls that decided my next stop. the first was regina, asking me to her birthday party the next saturday in hamburg. the second was lokke, who then said if i am in hamburg he would cook dinner for me. since hamburg is close to bremen, and i lived there for a long time, i was happy for a good reason to visit. i stayed with stefan and alex and their baby, and met with alot of my old friends. especially cool was meeting with eddie, the drug counselor of the jesus freaks and the person i learnt most of what i know from. we planned that he will come to bremen this fall and lead a workshop for the hope house, freaks, and cafe chance. disappointing on the trip was to see how much the freaks hamburg are suffering. there were only 30 people in the service (this group was at its largest 500, in the years i was there between 250 and 120 members) and rather discouraged. pray for them! they also cant keep their building because there isnt enough money comming in now. as of oktober they dont have a church to meet in.


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