29 August 2006

street fight

wow. i just witnessed and interfered in a dramatic fight between a couple in their twenties. the guy was screaming at the girl all the way down the street.. about five minutes and loud enough to be heard over the radio and through the walls. when they were in front of our house, i saw out of the window how he threw her against the fence and strangled her. i ran out an dup between them and asked if there was a problem. he turned on me, an inch from my face and screamed more, now directed at me. the general stuff angry people yell at strangers i guess, about how i have no right to interfere and that i should go away, and if not he will make me. i turned to the girl instead and offered that she could come inside with me and drink a cup of tea if she'd like. she wanted to come, and was trying to get past the guy and he pushed her around some more. i got between them, and she was getting towards the house, but he kept grabbing her dog. she wouldnt go without the dog. stupid dog! i wish i could say i convinced him to let the dog go, or her to give him the dog, but i cant. he picked it up and ran off, and she followed him. they were still fighting. a few minutes laer they rode by in the streetcar, and he was giving her a kiss. i pray she gets the strength to leave him. i wish she would come back here tonight. i doubt she will. i am still a bit shaky.. lilly was scared for me, and the neihbors called the cops (from safely behind their doors).


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