21 November 2008

winter wonderland?

yep, you see correctly. this is snow. and it is sticking to the ground. in bremen. in fact, it is perfect snowball snow. too bad i have no one to throw them at... (or should i aim at the brothel across the street? what's the WWJD answer to snowball fights with houses of ill repute? [and yes, there is a Bible verse that applies.. i'll send a prize to whoever gets it first]) as much as i dislike the weather required for it, i rather do like snow. it's pretty, and interesting (especially the really big wet flakes or the various non-snow frozen water forms), and as mentioned.. great to throw. i didn't get my share of it as a kid in texas, so i guess i am still struck in awe when i see it at the beginning of each winter.. i stare out the window, romp in it, slip-fall-hurt my bum.. (there will be no romping this year.. i have to look out for my foot..)

the main thing i have against snow (and the weather) is that i see from pretty close how it affects the people who aren't enjoying it through a window, holding a hot-water bottle, drinking a chai latte (ok, i don't have any of that left either, they don't have it here)... i know the ones who are curled up in sleeping bags, close together, on top of the dishwasher-steam-vent of mcdonalds, drinking korn (cheap disgusting liquor) with the snow settling on them as they tire of brushing it away.. i know people who freeze to death.

this year i have taken over control of the annual christmas- mission of the jesus freaks. i bumped it up from dec 24 to december 6. that's st. nikolaus day.. the day kids put out their shoes and get either ashes or sweets. i did it so that more people can participate (like myself). and this year i am specifically collecting things that make people warm as our gifts. we are collecting hats, scarves, gloves, socks, thermal underwear, blankets and sleeping bags. and, if you want to contribute, you can. (ok, so i know no one will be mailing off their old ski stuff to germany.. but hey, if you did, i wouldn't mind.. and for those of you in dallas, if you give it to me when i am there, i can bring it back and pass it out in january) accompanying that will be typical bremer food and little new testaments... i'll post pictures. keep this in your prayers, that we meet up with people and are able to bless them.


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