24 November 2008

passport post


i was just woken up by the best possible thing.. the mail woman just brought me an envelope i personaly stamped and addressed exactly two weeks ago. that's right.. my new passport is here! it is crisper than my old one. there is some kind of tracking devise in it that scares me a little.. used to track american citizens globally. (am i paranoid not to think this is good?)

the front cover opens to an old painting of washington crossing the delaware and the handwritten text of the star spangled banner poem on it.. looks like revolutionary graffiti. my unsmiling and somewhat dark photo makes me look like a terr... the pages are all different with pink and blue renditions of all things american and prideful quotes. it's very cheesy. i used to really like the business-like attitude of a passport. it was serious. traveling was serious. this new passport, while the most serious one i have needed, just seems like a play-thing. there are even cowboys on it.

but hey, it's here! step one is over.. on dec 9 is my appointment at the foreign service offices to get a new visa. that should hopefully go well, since my old one was still valid..... then again.. i don't qualify. so as always, it is a prayer need.


At 15:08, Blogger Kelly said...

They're watching you...

At 11:32, Anonymous kate kon said...

I want to see this thing! Cowboys? It sounds like a comic strip.


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