28 February 2006

hope street 4

oh man oh man.. i cant wait... mörßl has said he is planning to move in, so now we are just waiting for martins answer and for the official word that we get the house. we arent really worried anymore, we are pretty sure we will get the house.. its just time to KNOW.

22 February 2006

hope street 3

ok.. so there is more house news. we are in the final round.. one other group and we are being introduced to the landlord on the weekend. pray! also, we have asked two guys to pray about joining the team. one is moerssl, a 20 year old jesus freak with a real heart for people and missions. the other is martin, a 45 year old contractor from the offenbar who i respect most of everyone i know in bremen personally and spiritually.

17 February 2006

hope street 2

there were others scheduled to see it today. after that, the current tenent wanted to schedle a meeting with the landlord and let us know when. then we have to all go there and meet him, and whoever he picks gets the house. please pray! also, we are trying to work out what other 2 we want to ask to move in. we need guidance, and the right people must also be open for the projekt!

15 February 2006

hope street

my friend lilly and i have an apointment to see a house on hoffnungstrasse (hope street) with six or seven rooms, two kitchens, an attick and garden. pray for us! this would be a great place to live, the location is good, the house sounds great.... and we especially like the street name for working with people who are in desperate need of just that- hope.

for snail mail

cate mcmillan
woltmershauserstr 154
28197 bremen

this isnt where i am staying personally, but i have a key and am there almost every day, so it makes it convienient for me to pick up mail, should i recieve any. please someone pass this on to gram, i didnt get a letter this week and am having withdrawl symptoms. :-)

11 February 2006

gone too long

its hard to be back after being in the states so long.. i feel like a stranger again.. i guess not having an apartment is making it all a bit harder, too.

08 February 2006

missing in action:

mani, moni, eric, and the other marketplace alchies!

while i was in the usa legislation was passed to prevent homeless from hanging out in certain parts of the city. the main area affected was the marketplace, which is where i met with most of my people. this was primarily the place older alchoholics hung out (from late 30s to 70s) and begged. i wasnt here durring all that, so i dont know where they have all gone to.

"goin on a bear hunt (clapclap,slapslap)..."

06 February 2006

4 beds, 3 nights, 2 cities

so i did in fact make it back to germany alive, and while i haven't been able to post, i have managed to sleep in 4 apartments in 3 nights in two cities.. i am still looking for an apartment of my own, so please pray that that search will go well.
otherwise, its back to live as abnormal. i got back to bremen an hour before working at the drug counseling center.. then the weekend was spent looking up some of the people i counsel and saying hi.