27 August 2010

foreign service office.. take 4

still no visa/ residence perment. this is getting old. i thought having the place in a masters programm would seal the deal.. but it didn't. so i have another appointment on sep 16. please keep praying.

more birthday!

gram sent me a little love to use at my own discretion... so i got something i have been wanting for a LONG time... this duvet and pillowcase that resemble cardboard boxes. 40% of the proceeds go to help projects working with homeless teens. so a good cause, close to my heart, and some sheets that really are quite "me."

and then a surprise package came from "AB" that really, really cheered me up... i found it on my way out to the foreign service office, and took it to open after. i was glad to have a pick me up! my favorite toothpaste, mints (perfect timing, just ran out!), cuddle socks, an uplifting book and cards, and a princess kit.. the beautiful card in the background: she makes those. yeah. she's that cool. i am totally going to frame them (this is number 2) and hang them on the wall.

so many thanks gram and AB... i am quite taken with my goodies! now excuse me, i need to go cover up with my cardboard sheets and read...

24 August 2010

cared for

this morning i got a special surprise.. a care package arrived from highland baptist church! yeah- i love packages!! and especially this week with being older and the stress of my visa, it's nice to know there are people supporting me, praying for me, and caring. so here's a little look at all my goodies. in case you can't tell:
tom's of maine toothpaste (AWESOME)
ghirardelli choc chips and vanilla extract and measuring teaspoons (lost mine, so having these on a ring is perfect) (my flat mates are already eagerly awaiting the cookies)
bbq spice rub (just in time for the end of grill season!)
taco spice mix (hey, i'm texan, you know i love it)
dried mango (to remind me of the time in africa)
not one, but TWO good coffees.. one is sumatra, the other infused vanilla. and a vanilla coffee syrup for an extra shot!
chai tea and hot chocolate (w/ marshmellows of course) for cold afternoons or guests who don't like coffee (there apparently are such people out there.. i should know, i date one..)
and two beautiful blue and white mugs to serve it in.
reeses pb cups.. well.. disks.. they didnt survive the trip so well, but taste just as heavenly in their new form
brownie and cake and frosting mixes- i'm thinking to share the love with some of the people i work with and bake this for them.

doesn't this spread just make you want to go into missions? the only bad part is... i have to decide what to go try first!

23 August 2010


what in the ?!?!

that really long word is what i need most of all right now. it means permanent residence visa, and i have to go to the foreign service office again this week to fight for one. the battle has been going on since may to get my visa renewed. it's a very stressful process because they could theoretically tell me to leave the country- on sep 1. i still do not meet all of the requirements..

so please be praying!

10 August 2010


my first bday gift arrived today, and, since i can't control myself to not open it for a week... here the contents: happy (early) bday me! especially exciting are the Toms of Maine toothpaste and the enchillada seasoning (hinthint).

05 August 2010

after stock

freakstock iis over and i am home again :-(
it was a very good time of seeing my german family again, other friends and making new ones..

especially cool was FINALLY getting mentors! i have had a couple in mind for 5 years that i kept baseing my search on.. i never thought to just ask them, though, because they live in austria. finally my friend said "so? mine live there too." and it hit me.. yeah, we can meet through skype! when i asked them, they laughed. no one had ever asked before. but when i explained to them why, they were quite happy and agreed. i can see this being a great thing.

in addition, this freakstoc was relaxing.. something about only working the 5 hours, and not trying to fit more work into the day.. and having a bed and warm shower... ahhhh.

but i still took in about as much as ever of the festival, if not less... i only went to the one seminar that i translated and the one i led. and the only concert i saw was my friend bens- because he dedicated a song to me. freakstock was all about conversations for me.

even the trip there and back was blessed- on the way, my driver gave me a 5e discount, and on the way home i rode with a security team member of the freaks.

my tank is full, my heart is joyus, forward!!