23 March 2009

1 year

yeah, it's been that long. :-)

minor prophets: nahum (and jonah)

yesturday was my next installment of the minor prophets sermon series. i will be preaching alot in the next few weeks, trying to get as far through my series as possible before leaving for karlsruhe. it wouldn't make sence to finish elsewhere, so any i don't get to i will come back to visit bremen for. i have business here through september at least, so that's ok.

this week i spoke on nahum.. and added in a good portion of jonah, since i skipped him in the sunday service and only covered him at street group. plus, the two just fit together.. anyone interested in what i said can check out my outline in the comments, or ask questions :-)

16 March 2009

sibe, seminars, south and steiger

so first off.. no one moved into our basement.
second, we did cancel the rent of the hope house. as of july we are out.
third, we had a surprise visit from sibe, who stopped in for a long weekend on her way home to switzerland.

all of that seems like so long ago! in between i was at two seminars, one for the jesus freaks north region and last weekend one for the jesus freaks counselling team. the main thing to come out of these is that i am definatly moving. at the north seminar i got a change to talk to my friend prayer-peter about all the stuff going on right now. he said something that really opened my eyes, namely: of course you feel bad about leaving bremen! it would be a really bad sign if you didn't. you invested years there and a lot of energy. but that doesn't mean it isn't time to move on. it just means that the time you spent there was spent well. so be sad. miss bremen. but keep your eyes open to what the Lord has planned for you now.

that really got me. so i took a good long look at what the Lord was saying, and realized my time in the north is at a close. He has opened some amazing doors for me in the south... and so, although i really have been loving bremen and will miss it, i felt peace about the move.

i exchanged a few more emails with the people at steiger in karlsruhe, and am all set to spend a few weeks in may there, getting to know them and the missions work they do. (and them meet me) they really are a cool group. check out their website if you want to know more. (it's linked)

then this past weekend was the counselling seminar. i reconnected with some jesus freaks from the south and my peace grew, and now i am simply downright excited. i can't wait to go!