21 July 2009

wedding news

no, not mine!! this weekend i was in chemnitz at the wedding of two very long time friends, moni and micha.. i have known both since convoy 2000, and moni has since often supported me financially. although i returned home with a nasty stomache thing (no details necessary), it was a wonderful weekend.. here some impressions of an alternative german wedding:

there was wild boar (i didnt try it, but aparently good)

and real knights

even a fire show (oh i am soo stealing that idea for my next big party.. i know the couple who did it)

dancing to live irish music

the ceremony and child blessing.

it was a great time with over 120 guests!

16 July 2009

free coffee for you

ok, so i am NOT a fan of mikky dees.. but.. if you can get something there for free.. (and thus are not contributing to their horrid socio-economic policies..) and, if that something is COFFEE.. well.. if i were in the usa, i'd go..

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13 July 2009

i want to ride my....

i got a bike! its got 21 speeds and is from the brand "prophet." hehe. i rode it home today from the ebayers house.. about a thirty minute ride, and i am beet. aparently leaving the lights on is about the same as driving a car with the handbrake on... here's to hopeing i can ride without lights most of the time.