29 September 2010


so the weather is changing in germany.. it's cold out there.
and i think it's affecting the people. we went out to werder platz again today, but received a fairly cold response.. we basically stood their feeling conspicuous while the clients walked in arches around us. it took about an hour and a half before the first persn even accepted the free coffee. you know something's odd when no one will take a FREE COFFEE. so yeah.. it's cold out there.

15 September 2010

the newest.. pray and praise

so first off, tomorrow is my appointment at the foreign service office about my visa. please be praying for favor and a long-term visa!! (the stress is really getting to me, the uncertainty and always being told to come back in a month...)

i start my Masters of Theology classes saturday... the school had already given me a 30e reduction monthly due to financial need... but i wasn't able to get the job at Salvation Army, so i still couldn't pay the 105e. yesturday i emailed and asked if there was a possibility of any more reduction. today they emailed me back and said that it shouldn't be money that stops me from studying... and asked me how much i could pay. i had had the amount 75e in my head all night, so i did the math on my finances and calculated... with all my set funds, i have exactly 75e more than i need. it leaves me absolutley no room to go out or do anything special, but hey.. it would work. so i wrote, thinking "this is asking too much..." but the school emailed immediately, "OK." is that not great?! i think it's great.