24 September 2006


i have been listening to a really cool book on my mp3 player, and want to pass the tip along (since i got it from someone else, too). at the link above, you can download gk chestertons orthodoxy FREE this month. sooo get it, hear it, lets discuss it. its deep but amuzing. oh, you have to sign up to get the free download, but they dont send you any wierd emails and theres no fee.

23 September 2006

the speed of heroes

todays special thanks goes out to my brother, murray, who talked me through an extensive process that i wont bother detailing, in order to save my computer from the dreads of snail-speed. yes, he did, unseen, fix (it seems..) my computer! first we thought too little ram, then we thought virus, then we deleted.... oh whatever.. it took an hour or so, but now everything is dandy!

21 September 2006

jesusfreaks turn 15

and in honor of it, the freaks are putting up alot of videos from "back then" on you tube. here it is: this is the beginning..

here's another one.. also pretty old (i interned under this guy in 2000!)

i hope these help give an impression of where i'm at and what i'm doing.

17 September 2006

party pics

pretty cool party... pretty cool hair. thanks to uli and lilly.

15 September 2006

back blogged with photos

ok, finally done reporting about convoy and freakstock, and adding the photos! there are some really good ones in there, so going through the archive is worth it. oh, and i'll add more to my flickr acount as soon as i get a chance.

12 September 2006

fight club cafe

today was difficult.. on several levels.
first, i had a counseling session that arrived early (waking me up). then, two others from the church stopped by unanounced.. it was cool to chat with them in the garden, but they arent the simplest either.
and then cafe chance. the air was electrified. the usual suspects were there, and all in their usual "good" moods. right as i had managed to start a half-way productive conversation with sven (very hard to do) another guy i barely know came in and challenged him. they got into a loud fight about "he-said-she-said-you-said-i..." and it escalated into a brawl between the cafe, street, cafe again, street again.. a few coffee pots and things were broken in the process. once the other guy was gone, sven turned on his girlfriend and i and began screaming about how we shou.d leave him the f@#$ alone when he is mad.. it kinda reminded me of the couple on the street recently, and i kept wishing i could just get her away from him. she went with him, however, she came back an hour later and i was able to talk with her one-on-one.
in the meantime, jens showed up! YEAH!!! he just got outta jail at the beginning of the month. this is the guy whose brother, horst, died the day before he should of gone to therepy. he looked better but not good, and said the time in jail helped him to get some distance from the death of horst, and to realize he does need professional help. pray!

O sleep, O gentle sleep,
Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down
And steep my senses in forgetfulness?
shakespear: Henry IV

10 September 2006

full power ahead

that was the title of my sermon sunday. its the title of a song by soehne mannheims, "voller kraft voraus," but i guess that won't interest my englisch blog readers. the song was covered by obadja, the jesus freaks band that was on convoy, and it has a very powerfull message. the origional is a bit sappy and depressing sounding, the hardcore obadja version works better. this song very much has been a driving force in the last few weeks, and hasnt left me alone. so, i preached on it. the pic that i will upload soon is from muck's painting that he did on stage while i preached. this is my new fav style to preach. he only knows the title of my sermon in advance, then while i am preaching he paints his responce to what i say. it works well because he is very talented, and it gives the others something to concentrate on, so i keep their attention. also, we then have a picture in our minds of the main theme of the sermon. and, an added bonus, i get some wall art. :-) anyway, the sermon went over really well.. it was my longest i think.. scoreing in at 22.5 minutes (plus the song and open-mic response time it came up to 37min). i saw alot of heads nodding (no not off to sleep) and there were some laughs and all. and, lots of people came up to open-mic after to share.. i am pretty much the only preacher we have still crazy enough to try open-mics, because usually no one comes forward! should i bore yall with what i said??

"when will you lay on your wings
to spread them powerfully out
no ones holding you in chains
your feet can move forward.
if you have fears, toss them away now
why shouldnt you suceed
you were given the goal
to expand the heavens and earth.

full power ahead,
we should hurry on
full power ahead
to the days that heal us

when will you lay on your wings
to spread them powerfully out
you stop in front of a hill
but could glide over it
if you have fears, toss them away now
then nothing can make you fail
you were given the goal
to expand the heavens and earth.

-english of voller kraft voraus (more or less)