23 July 2008

baked conversation

this week the house hosted jenny, a 19 year old jesus freak who is currently moving away. she needed a bed and some good zucchini bread to help transition her from her own apartment back home to her parents. it's easy to fall into conversation while baking.. and as mary poppins would say, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down... (odd, my zucchini bread needs a cup and a half..i guess it's for the big stuff)

and dani, my friend from hessen who was also in south africa with me came to visit for the day! we haven't seen each other in a few years, and have only talked on the phone a few times. it's one of those strong friendships that was forged by God (really, against our wills) and (we strongly believe) with a purpose. she took me to lunch and then we came to the hope house. i baked us a cake and showed her the house, explained our vision. there is a lot going on in her life, sorta parallel to the things in mine. we talked (literally) all day without noticing the time go by. she'll be in this area more often in the future, so we will definatly be seeing aech other more (and maybe some of God's plans for us?).

21 July 2008

caught a stick

melly of the bremer jesus freaks tossed me this modern version of a chain letter:

4 Jobs that you've had
~ waitress beim tgi friday's
~ taught a course at beloit (theme: brecht und loriot a cross-comparisson of german culture through literature)
~ lehmbauerin in hessen
~ in the offenbar

4 Filme, you could watch over and over
oh no.. i really hate watcing films twice
~ tiny plaid ninjas (kurzfilme aus'm netz)
but in school... it was these
~ monty python and the quest for the holy grail
~ dazed and confused
~ tank girl

4 places you have been happy to live
of the many
~ 1. suzukibus somewhere in germany 2000-2001
~ 2. south africa (als land, aber nicht immer die umstaende) 2003
~ 3. beloit, wisconsin... but i never would have thought so at the time.
~ 4. bremen..somehow it's nice to behome and not just live here.

4 TV-shows you like to watch
erm. i don't watch much..
~ gilmore girls (its over)
~ firefly (also over, i had the dvd from kelly)
~ house
~ those renovation shows

4 places you have been on vacation
~ europe: check out last summer's trip log
~ africa: we went ostridge riding on the coast
~ usa: new york city with leigh's family
~ usa: rocky mountains skiing (as a kid)

4 Webseiten you visit daily
~ web.de (email)
~ bsag.de/bahn.de (travel schedules)
~ my blog feeds
~ jesus.de (my startpage)

4 favorite foods
~ tex-mex
~ cuban
~ ice cream
~ dark chocolate

4 places you wish you were right now
~ with andreas wherever
~ with andreas on vacation
~ mars (with andreas)
~ here on my red couch, but not alone, but rather....

4 wishes that could come true
~ get married
~ ride in a hot air balloon
~ deep sea diving (preferably in the caribik)
~ open up an arts cafe/living-room

4 Blogger you pass the stick to
~ kelly venechanos
~ tom goetze (please site my german blog as reference)
~ sibeletti
~ andreas (per email oder kommentar bitte)

20 July 2008


yup, still here.

the apartment i origionally hoped to be spending some time in in stuttgart fell through.. so now i am waiting on a different one. andreas went thursday to check it out for me and said, "you would really like it, i am sure.. high ceilings like in your house, lots of color, and very comfy.." so i emailed the girl and said i'll take it. still waiting to here back that its a go, and to make plans to get the keys. and the best part? it's from aug 16-sep 9... so i can celebrate my birthday at home in bremen! (and then again a day later in the south with A) it's perfect.. and only for three weeks, which fits my schedule better.

18 July 2008

old red bike

so this post isn't really about the painting from jill barton... i didn't even know there was one until i needed a picture to spruce up this post. the bike she painted just happens to look alot like the one my roommate hannah intrusted to me while she is away for the summer. and after a week, i can definatly say, i feel enlightened. bikes are actually not just for little kids to play on at all- they are a great means of transportation! this week i have been enjoying the commute to church (25 minutes streetcar/ 7 minutes bike) and being able to go to the store to do my grocery shopping! i can even make it to walle center (mom and dad can appreciate that) with out overstraining my foot! i really need to get me one of these... oh, and did i mention it's fun?

14 July 2008


enrico left saturday morning to help out the christian drug counselling center with a move... he hasn't come back yet. he was using matze's month train pass (that matze and i share)... and this morning we realized, a nice chuck of cash is missing as well. it isn't the kind of thing i would expect from enrico.. he is a more respectable personality.. however, 2+2... i hope he comes back so that we get a chance to talk. maybe there is an explanation.. i would hate for there not to be.

13 July 2008

my first levi's

the more fashion conscious amongst you may have noticed that i only wear cordorory pants.. i think it started in high school. i haven't owed a pair of normal blue jeans since.
but alas, as we get older we change... and now, since tuesday, i am the proud owner of my very own dark blue levi's signature jeans. (and yeah, they were free from the clothes bin) i must say.. they are nice. if my camera wern't broken i would proove it.

06 July 2008

holidays bring house guests

last year, matze moved in on my birthday... this year it's enrico on the 4th of july. enrico is the kind of guy you run into everywhere and who knows pretty much every one. i first met him amongst the punks, then by the homeless... he really is everywhere. i posted a few months ago about him giving his life to christ.

things got bad for him... he was falsely accused of a crime and thrown into jail for a month until the actual criminal committed to the crime. in that time he lost his apartment. he was staying at the papaguay haus, a social housing for men, but despite being given a single room, he couldn't sleep- police and ambulances stopped in on average five times a night.

he has been hanging out at the house a lot for the past few weeks, talking and drinking coffee (that's ministry ;-) ) so i asked if he would like to stay here.

01 July 2008

stuttgart not freakstock

this year i won't be attending freakstock. it isn't that i don't want to so much as that it isn't practical, with the state of my foot and all.
instead i will be spending 6 weeks in stuttgart working with ministries there from 20th july to 31 august. more to come...