25 May 2009

willo freak

i just got back from the jesus freaks seminar that can best be described as a family reunion. it was great to see old friends and meet new ones (even a lady who lives in karlsruhe!) and to hear about the movement and things going on in the freaks. i also attempted my hand at a new job: i was in the technology team. (and liked it) the focus of the seminar was on hearing God.. and quite appropriate for this stage of my life/ministry.

14 May 2009

where i should be

so something crazy just happened.. i went to pick up my keys to the new apartment, and the guy moving out told me that i looked at his girlfriends room, too. turns out, it was that very first room i looked at, the one i really loved and where i thought the roommates were so cool (and the new one has that same feeling).. and so the two are connected. how full circle and neat is that? it just seems right.

salim nourallah in nun

last night doro (from bremen) and i went to cafe nun to see a concert by salim nourallah.

the funny thing is, he is from dallas! it was a really cool concert, and i encourage people to look him up (and kelly: we told the story of you and lilly and how it backfired that she moved to dallas, and he laughed at me and said i should send you guys to one of his shows and make sure you go up and say hi and all) his name means peacefull in swahili (dont ask how i know that) and that was the general feeling and the concert as well.

cafe nun is part of a club called kubik, which is also kinda like the freaks and steiger in that it has an alternative style and approach to life with God. the cafe is just a cafe, though. the church part of what they do is (get this) directly across the street from my new apartment. it was cool to meet some people and hang out.

12 May 2009

home sweet home

yes, you read correctly: i found an apartment! you cant really see it in this picture but its about the third house in on the right, across from the church. after writting to about a hundred places and visiting around 30, i am really glad to have one.

last night on my way out the door i gave specific intructions to the prayer team that was just meeting up, that they should pray i get a room fast because i am getting weary...

i was supposed to visit two, but they both turned out to be nothing... which was doubly frustrating since i rode a bike through heavy rain to each of them. but while at the second another guy called and asked when i could come. more or less as i joke i said, "how bout now?" and they said ok. so at about 10pm i rode up to the apartment.

the room is 17 square meters. thats the same size as my room (and price- despite this city being generally expensive) in bremen. its also ground floor and has nice windows. i spent an hour hanging out talking to the flatmates- a 20 year old girl who studies architecture, a 30 year old guy who teaches grman and englisch lit, and a 35 year old guy who does performance arts- like unicycling and juggling and stuff.

tonight the call came already- they said they decided pretty quick after i left that they want me to move in, but he waited to call until after work today. and the best part? i can move in this weekend!! so stay tuned for my new adress in the next few days.. if you want it, just send me an email.

06 May 2009


at steiger in karlsruhe.

so far everything is great, but there's not much to say. pray i will find a room soon. otherwise i have been doing a lot of translating and cooking for everyone.